The very first content offered at the Philosopher's Egg!

Legacy Content Bundle 1

(This product has a limit set to 1 item(s) per order)
A Bundle of the Very First Content Offered at the Philosopher's Egg.

  • Desert Hounds for the DAZ Gargoyle Hound
  • Skins for the DAZ Dragonfish
  • Truly Curly for Melite Hair
  • Agitha V4
  • Demonica V4
  • Jamie M4
  • Unhinged M4
  • Remus M4
  • Beast M4
  • Mr. Pointy M4
  • Malgedar M4
  • Zephruen V4
  • Infernum M4
  • FaceOff M4
  • Kirke M4
  • Nostreus M4
  • Manufacturer: Sparky

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